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The Price of Protest

California Assemblyman Kevin Kiley has big ambitions, beginning with beating out fellow Republican Brian Dahle for a currently-vacant Senate seat. That race is TBD, but Kiley has a little extra motivation to move on – he’s been relocated to the chamber’s infamous “dog house” office. Kiley’s troubles started during a recent Assembly Education Committee hearing when he aggressively questioned Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, a Democrat, about legislation she had sponsored. Garcia thought he was disrespectful. Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon agreed, and shortly thereafter Kiley was reassigned to Room 5127, which is barely larger than a closet. As the Sacramento Bee reports, Kiley’s loss was fellow Republican Tyler Diep’s gain. Diep had been stuck in the tiny digs since being sworn into the Assembly last December. The question now is will Kiley get out via election or because someone else gets on Rendon’s bad side?