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Roadkill It and Grill It

You want to drop $700 on food at a Michelin-rated eatery where it took months to get a reservation? Go for it. The rest of us will just scoop up some venison off the road and have us a time. As CalMatters reports, a bill (SB 395) is working its way through the California Legislature that would allow folks to “salvage” recently-killed critters from Golden State roads for the purpose of consumption. Yep, if you run it over, you might soon be able to just toss ‘er in the back and run it home to the family, making California the most populous state to make roadkill cuisine a thing. Alas, the law would only apply to deer, elk and wild pigs, so just put down that recipe for grandma’s squirrel stew. Unless you want to go kill them the old fashioned way.