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There Will Be Blood!

Stand back, because the Bruce Lee wannabes are on the way! Yes, as NPR reports, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has signed a bill that overturns a prohibition on nunchucks, the traditional martial arts weapon that loosely translates to “chain sticks.” The Grand Canyon State is just one of many that barred nunchucks way back in the 70s when martial arts movies became wildly popular, sparking fear that enthusiastic but untrained fans were going to end up cracking a lot of skulls with them. Not to be outdone, Texas lawmakers have sent Gov. Greg Abbott a bill that would again make it legal to openly carry brass knuckles and...wait for it...clubs. If signed, it would join another law that allows Texans to openly carry rifles and handguns. Which begs the question: how did Texas get so insanely dangerous that everyone actually needs to carry a weapon?