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Can’t Keep a Good Bear Down

It’s never a good idea to feed wildlife, if for no other reason they lose their fear of humans even while humans don’t lose their fear of them. Such is the case these days in New Hampshire, where Mink the black bear has returned from exile to a fate as yet to be determined. As NPR reports, in recent years an elderly Hanover resident began feeding Mink doughnuts and birdseed. But after the man died, Mink took to looking at other homes for her treats. This sparked terror among some folks, who demanded she be euthanized. But Gov. Chris Sununu instead ordered her moved to a remote part of the state. She was outfitted with a radio collar and sent packing off to a spot near the Canadian border. Alas, as WBUR reports, Mink has made her way all the way back to Hanover, creating fear she might again be facing a hunter’s bullet. So far, state wildlife officials say there’s been no reason to go there. And all parties are crossing fingers and paws that none develops.