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A Grizzly of a Problem

Uber-patriotic national holidays are a golden opportunity for minor league baseball teams in deep red locales to fill the stadium. Such was the case in May when the Pacific Coast League’s Fresno Grizzlies marked the Memorial Day holiday with a video tribute to U.S. armed forces that included a montage of former president Ronald Reagan talking about “enemies of freedom.” As NBC reports, the video then showed former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and U.S. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Wait, what? Yep. Some fans of the team seemed to cheer the video, but the reaction from a trio of oh-so-precious sponsors was immediate. Raisin-maker Sun Maid was first to drop their relationship with the team, followed shortly thereafter by beer companies Tecate and Dos Equis. Team officials have apologized profusely, saying an employee had not properly screened the video before rolling it. And as the Fresno Bee reports, two Fresno City Council members in D.C. last week to lobby Congress used the opportunity to apologize to Ocasio-Cortez in person. They came bearing a gift: a red Grizzlies jersey. No word on whether she tried it on.


-- BY Rich Ehisen