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If You Can’t Beat Them, Talk Them to Death

Filibustering and other such political gabfesting as a means of blocking legislation has been practiced by every party since Plato walked the earth. The latest incarnation comes from the Oregon Legislature, where outmanned Republicans have managed to force a clerk to read aloud every single world of every bill that comes before them as a means of slowing down the process and, presumably, forcing some concessions from supermajority Dems on bills the Reeps like. As the AP reports, Reeps in Colorado tried a similar tack earlier this year, so Dems brought in a robot to speed-read the bills. A judge later blocked that effort, allowing the GOP to prevent several bills from being considered before the session ended. Oregon Dems say the situation is not dire in that regard yet, but they also have a few tricks of their own up their sleeves should it become so. Stay tuned.