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Spicoli’s Revenge

School cafeterias are generally not in danger of earning a Michelin star. But this being the era of ubiquitous smartphones and app-based food delivery services, modern students are no longer slaves to the school lunch menu. Enterprising kids are now as likely to order a pepperoni with extra cheese from their favorite pizza place as to choose whatever the school is offering. Alas, this is also the era of mass school shootings and a myriad of other problems, so schools are not so enamored of strangers showing up at all hours to bring young ‘uns a snack, and often an unhealthy one at that. As Stateline reports, schools from sea to shining sea are cracking down and just saying no to UberEats. As a man of a certain age, I recall this very thing in a movie once. Maybe we ought to consider Mr. Hand’s way of dealing with it.