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Health - July 15 2019

Connecticut Governor Signs HB 7125

CONNECTICUT Gov. Ned Lamont (D) signs HB 7125, which among several things requires that health insurers not place more stringent limits on mental health and substance use disorder benefits than for medical and surgical benefits (CONNECTICUT GOVERNOR’S OFFICE).

Wisconsin Governor Signs SB 26

WISCONSIN Gov. Tony Evers (D) signs SB 26, which establishes a clear appeal process that would enable a patient to bypass so-called “step therapy,” where insurance companies can force a patient to try cheaper treatment options before more expensive ones a doctor originally prescribed (FOX6NOW [MILWAUKEE]).

New Jersey Governor Signs SB 716

NEW JERSEY Gov. Phil Murphy (D) signs SB 716, which creates a rebuttable presumption for first responders suffering from diseases that have been known to be caused by chemicals, pathogens and other hazardous materials. The measure reverses a previous requirement that first responders prove that exposure to a chemical or substance while on the job caused their illness (BUSINESS INSURANCE).

California Assembly Kills SB 275

The CALIFORNIA Assembly Business and Professions Committee kills SB 275, a Senate-approved bill that would have updated the state’s definition of sexual misconduct for health professionals.  Committee Chair Assemblymember Evan Low (D) said the bill needed a “more holistic” approach (CALMATTERS [SACRAMENTO]).