volume xxiii no.10 - april 6 2015

Similar But Equal? | 04-03-2015

About once a year Davis, California resident Dave Adams drives to his doctor’s office at Kaiser Permanente and settles in for a long IV drip of a clear liquid he likes to call his “mouse juice.” Better known by its pharmaceutical name...

Bird’s Eye View

Nearly Half of States Considering 'Biologics' Bills | 04-03-2015

Twenty-two states have filed or introduced bills or resolutions this session related to “biologics” or “biosimilars,” medical drugs generally derived from living cells. Three of the bills have been signed into law -- Utah’s...

Once Around the Statehouse Lightly

Man Up, Buddy Boy!| 04-03-2015

As Bad Weeks Go.....| 04-03-2015

Governor TMI| 04-03-2015