volume xxv no. 29 - october 2 2017

CA Dialysis Regulation Effort Stalled...For Now | 09-29-2017

Three mornings every week for the last few years California resident Dave Kennedy grabs his headphones, a reading tablet and a few pillows and makes a 15-minute drive to the dialysis clinic nearest his home in the foothills east of Sacramento. Once there...

Bird’s Eye View

Seven States Have Minimum Staffing Requirements For Dialysis Centers | 09-29-2017

Seven states have set minimum staffing levels for dialysis clinics through administrative regulations, according to analysis by the Service Employees International Union. California also considered an SEIU-backed bill ( SB 349 ) this year that, if passed...

Once Around the Statehouse Lightly

An Ocean of Lawyers| 09-29-2017

Fake News Association| 09-29-2017