Volume XXVI No. 38 - December 17 2018

Opportunities and Challenges for States in 2019 | 12-14-2018

In the third and final of our annual three-part series looking ahead to the coming legislative year, SNCJ Senior Advisor Lou Cannon takes a look at some of the challenges and opportunities that await lawmakers in 2019. This is also our final issue...

Bird’s Eye View

More States Under Unified One-Party Control in 2019 | 12-14-2018

As a result of the November elections, in 2019 Republicans will control both the legislature and the governor’s office in 23 states, three less than the number of states under unified GOP control this year. Democrats will control the legislative...

Once Around the Statehouse Lightly

Devil in the Details| 12-14-2018

Reply All Apocalypse| 12-14-2018

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The Trouble With e-ScootersJanuary 14, 2019 

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