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15 May 2020

Hit the Bullseye on These 4 Top Business Goals with On-Target Research for Consultants

As a consultant, you’re constantly focused on the business goals of your clients. Are you neglecting your own business goals in the process? As flight attendants remind passengers before every flight, “You should put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others.”  Making time to cultivate your own success is critical, but there are only so many hours in a day. Let’s look at how a research platform like Nexis® for Consultants helps you take aim at three specific goals that can help grow your business.

Engage in continuous competitive intelligence

A brand can soar—or sink—because of a tweet. An innovative upstart can disrupt an entire industry. And a novel virus can turn the world on its head. If there’s one lesson we’ve learned in recent years, it’s that opportunities and threats emerge constantly. As a result, research for consultants needs to happen every day. How can you find the strategic business intelligence you need, quickly?

Nexis for Consultants connects you to an unmatched database of diverse content including print, broadcast and web news sources, company and executive information, regulatory and legal data—all in one place. Our advanced search technology takes advantage of thousands of indexed topics and metadata so you can use pre- and post-search filtering to narrow down results to the most relevant documents.

Fast search isn’t the only time-saving advantage. You can also set and share Alerts for the searches you’ve created and receive a timely email at the frequency you prefer to maintain a close watch on topics of interest to your or to your clients.

Become a know-it-all (in a good way)

Since Nexis for Consultants helps you conduct competitive intelligence research more efficiently, you have time to dig deeper into the topics, markets or competitors impacting your clients. Generate comprehensive company and executive reports or SWOT analyses in just a few clicks. Explore how a topic has evolved over time using archival news going back 40+ years. With every search, you gain a broader perspective to inform your clients’ strategies.

Take advantage of built-in collaboration tools to easily distribute the insights you’ve gathered. When you find a document of interest, you have the option to add annotations to highlight the most important information. Then organize the information into shareable folders to ensure your team has fast access to credible research.

Build your reputation as a thought leader

Nexis for Consultants also connects you to industry reports and expert analyses, helping you understand the dynamics of your clients’ different industries and marketplaces.

What could you accomplish if you spent less time searching for information and more time using it?  Whether you want to create more blog content or offer informative webinars, the research you do provides a great foundation—and it helps you earn the respect and trust of your clients.  

Expand your business

The competitive intelligence research you conduct shouldn’t focus solely on your clients’ needs. Having an efficient, effective search platform means you can also keep watch on what’s happening within the consulting industry. Stay on top of critical news, emerging trends, and best practices to ensure your growth strategy adapts as your industry evolves. Plus, you can leverage Nexis® Dossier from within Nexis to generate lists of executives for prospecting or identify other companies within a current client’s corporate family that might benefit from your consulting services.

If you currently rely on the open web or multiple subscriptions to conduct competitive intelligence research, you’re missing out. Find out why companies around the world turn to Nexis for their research needs in this short video. And if you’d like more tips for a winning consulting strategy, check out this eBook today.