Competitive Intelligence Boom: What's Driving Demand & How Can CI Professionals Accelerate the Time to Insight?

According to a recent study , 90% of companies say their industry has become ‘somewhat’ or ‘much more’ competitive in the past year. Is it any wonder that 94% of companies currently conduct competitive intelligence (CI) researc...
4 Jun 2020

Revisiting Real Estate Trends in the Wake of the Global Coronavirus Pandemic

At the end of each year, experts make predictions about trends set to impact the real estate industry, and we put together a quick-read real estate industry report highlighting a few of the most-talked about trends. Then the novel coronavirus a...
29 May 2020

Why data protection and privacy rights have become part of the fight against COVID-19

In the global fight against COVID-19, many governments are trying to keep the Coronavirus at bay by introducing data solutions. We take a closer look at some Corona-tracking apps and discuss why ethical data use will be crucial to maintaining user trust.
29 May 2020

How Tenacity, Technology, and Real Estate Research Help You Get a Competitive Edge Over iBuyers

How are you adapting to the rise of the iBuyer in real estate?
27 May 2020

How Millennials are Changing the Current Real Estate Marketplace and How to Stay Ahead with Research

Move over Boomers … Millennials are moving into the housing market. See how research helps real estate pros keep up with digital natives’ expectations.
27 May 2020

Nexis Offers Political Candidates a Competitive Advantage

Campaign intelligence is critical to electoral success. Learn how the unmatched data and insights Nexis® offers campaigns can increase their odds of victory.
26 May 2020

COVID-19 and global risk management: What we can see from the data

The novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, has already changed society. As governments worldwide struggle to adapt to the new reality, they are introducing measures aimed at preventing the further spread of the virus and increasing the resilience of their public healthcare systems. But with more than 2.5 billion workers and consumers on virtual lock-down, COVID-19 is also having an enormous impact on the global economy, disrupting ...
22 May 2020

4 ways the right academic research platform can help librarians, students and faculty collaborate and thrive in a digital higher ed world

Universities are having to rethink academic experiences because of COVID-19. See what strategies and tools can ease the transition to digital learning.
21 May 2020

Coronavirus & the Campaign Trail: How Research for Consultants Will Help Political Hopefuls Pivot to the New Normal

Find out how political campaigns—and the consulting that supports them—is changing to meet the restrictions in place because of COVID-19.
15 May 2020

Academic Libraries are Responding Creatively to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Academic libraries around the world are facing various challenges presented by COVID-19. Here are a few examples of how they’re rising above.
7 May 2020

Corporate Social Responsibility Boosts Need for Due Diligence Solutions for Business

In our ongoing series of Expert Q&As, we speak with Alison Taylor, Managing Director of Business for Social Responsibility ( BSR ), a nonprofit organization that works with companies and other partners on sustainable business strategies. She tells Nexis® Solutions that there is a trend of businesses prioritizing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development ...
30 Apr 2020