The era of Intelligent Automation: a quarter of your company’s tasks could be automated in only two years, including risk management.

Our new white paper shows that Intelligent Automation is being used to improve more and more business functions, including risk management.
3 May 2021

Optimize Anti-Bribery & Corruption Compliance with These 9 Crucial Steps for Effective Third Party Due Diligence

In today’s complex risk landscape, third party due diligence is a critical line of defence. Read about 9 steps the process should include.
29 Apr 2021

Sanctions Surveillance: Due Diligence & 9 Other Crucial Steps to Help Prevent Costly Sanctions Breaches

Sanctions regimes change. Is your due diligence process up to the challenge? Find out 10 ways to prevent sanctions breaches in our latest post.
23 Apr 2021

Earth Day 2021: Our Planet Makes a Lot of News

Earth Day arrives on April 22. To help celebrate, we turned to Newsdesk to round up some serious and lighthearted green news that we hope you find interesting and perhaps even inspiring.
22 Apr 2021

Toddling Towards Transparency: Why Visibility into Beneficial Ownership is a Critical Component of Effective Due Diligence

The new Corporate Transparency Act cements identifying beneficial ownership as a critical component of your due diligence process. See what’s involved.
31 Mar 2021

The Writing on the Wall: New Corporate Transparency Act Makes Beneficial Ownership Due Diligence a Must-Have for Effective Risk Management

The new Corporate Transparency Act cements identifying beneficial ownership as a critical component of your due diligence process. See what’s involved.
30 Mar 2021

Top Companies Reveal Their AI & Big Data Strategies at European Summit

Conference reveals how banks and research institutions are putting artificial intelligence and big data at core of their strategies. Take a closer look.
15 Mar 2021

International Pi Day: A Day Where Numbers Rule

March 14 is International Pi Day, a chance to celebrate all that numbers and math add to our world. To get some ideas about how to celebrate this delightfully nerdy day, check out our latest blog post.
14 Mar 2021

Feeling Bullish About These Financial Services Trends? Here's How Company and Executive Data Can Help.

For the past few years, most trends in the Financial Services industry have focused on digital transformation to meet consumer expectations. As it happens, these efforts paid off in 2020. When the rapid spread of COVID-19 made social distancing measures a must, Financial Services organizations were better positioned than most to shift to touchless, digital customer experiences quickly. But with remote work likely to continue ...
2 Mar 2021

The Checklist for Effective Communication in a Crisis

Need to prepare your organization to handle communications in a crisis? Complete all five tasks on this checklist written by the professionals who’ve been there.
1 Mar 2021

From COVID-19 and Beyond: 6 Steps to Better Managing Strategic Crisis Communications

Follow these 6 steps to better manage strategic communications during a crisis—and work toward meaningful resolutions faster.
18 Feb 2021

Which of This Year's Top University Library Trends Will Wield Influence on Virtual Lecture Halls and In-Person Classrooms Alike?

How can academic librarians stay agile enough for the changing needs of students and educators? These university library trends may help.
17 Feb 2021

Can Tools for Journalists Give You the Resilience Needed to Stay Ahead of Today's (and Tomorrow's) Media Trends?

Monitoring media trends? Get a quick look at expert predictions for 2021 and see how tools for journalists can help you stay ahead of the curve.
15 Feb 2021

Companies at Davos Urged to Meet ESG Expectations after the Pandemic

What’s on the agenda for 2021’s virtual World Economic Forum? Rebuilding after COVID-19 and ESG principles will dominate. Read our preview.
8 Feb 2021

Which Trends Will Have the Biggest Impact on How Nonprofits Accomplish Their Missions & How Does Donor Research Help?

How do you keep donations coming in for 2021? Check out two trends that will influence fundraising and how donor research contributes to success.
3 Feb 2021

3 Ways a Property Records Database Can Help You Stay Ahead of 2021 Real Estate Trends ... and Your Competitors

Are these real estate trends on your radar? We look at a couple expert predictions and learn how a tool like Nexis for Real Estate sets you up for success.
22 Jan 2021

Interesting Insights from Monitoring the Media Buzz about a Real Nail-biter of an Election

Election day has come and gone. Check out the insights uncovered through media monitoring and analytics from our 2020 U.S. Political Tracker.
11 Nov 2020

Tracking the Biggest Stories: Understanding 2020 Political Campaigns & Issues through the Lens of Media Monitoring & Analytics

Who’s hot? Who’s not? Watch how media coverage shifts throughout election season from our U.S. Political Tracker, powered by Nexis Newsdesk™. Read more on our blog.
30 Sep 2020

What does the recent boom in AI & ML technologies amidst a global pandemic mean for the future?

More than six months after the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared a worldwide pandemic, COVID-19 continues to dramatically affect our society. The latest economic projection published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates that the global GDP will decline by as much as 4.9 percent in 2020. Nevertheless, ongoing evaluations have shown that the current pandemic has had an immense impact on the ...
24 Sep 2020

From Basic to Boss: How to Take Your Media Monitoring to the Next Level

Ready to achieve outstanding insights from media monitoring? Get a sneak preview—plus access to our on-demand webinar—for tips.
16 Sep 2020

Preparing for the New Normal: Use Expert Techniques for Upskilling Your Competitive Intelligence to Map Out a Winning Strategy

Earlier this year, Forbes wrote, “Building a strategy without competitive intelligence is like planning a road trip without a map. You might eventually reach the destination, but it will be much more difficult.” Then, the coronavirus pand...
4 Sep 2020

Academic Data Science Funding Sees Major Leap in Investments in a Coronavirus World

Universities, research institutions, governments, and companies have taken significant steps to upgrade their use of data science to boost research and innovation in recent months. Some of these new projects aim to use data science to provide insight...
14 Aug 2020

Manufacturing Success in the Wake of Disruption: How Market Intelligence Research Can Help

Explore 4 steps to actionable market intelligence in our latest blog on using Nexis for Manufacturing for conducting research
10 Aug 2020

Finding Potential Donors and Influencers for Political Campaigns

Successful political campaigns require adequate funding. If you’re looking to identify people who may be inclined to support your campaign, Nexis can help.
3 Aug 2020

What Big Data from Previous Virus Outbreaks Tells Us About Our Future Living with COVID-19

Looking back at prior global health crises reveals some interesting insights. See what we discovered when we looked at our 40+ year archive of media data.
10 Jul 2020