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29 Jan 2018 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Find statutes of limitation with Lexis Answers™, plus use added news commands and Shepard’s® filtering

Now within the Lexis Advance® service, the machine-learning technology behind the Lexis Answers™ feature can suggest a natural-language query when you ask for a statute of limitation. This approach delivers two types of results.

Just go to the Red Search Box and ENTER: statute of limitation (your claim, charge or defense). As you enter, Lexis Answers will suggest statute of limitation queries. Select one and move to a Lexis Answers Card with a concise, authoritative answer to your query from federal case law. Plus find search results from across your Lexis Advance subscription.

In addition to statutes of limitation, you can request definitions, elements of a cause or action, standards of review, burdens of proof and legal doctrines via the Lexis Answers feature.

Try these precision commands to search news

These three, specialized search commands help you home in on the right news articles:

  • ALLCAPS finds acronyms and other words in all caps. For example, allcaps(AIDS) finds AIDS and ACQUIRED IMMUNODEFICIENCY SYNDROME but not the verb “aids.”
  • NOCAPS find words without caps. For example, nocaps(aids) focuses on the verb but doesn’t find AIDS.
  • CAPS finds words with initial caps. To limit your search to Puerto Rico and not the RICO Act, enter: Puerto caps(Rico).

NOTE: These commands work in News content only.

Fine-tune your Shepard’s® reports with more court filtering options

Now filter to more specific courts within a state or circuit. In the left Narrow By pane in your Shepard’s report, just select from the Court post-search filters. (See graphic at right.)

If you use the Shepard’s® BriefCheck™ feature, you can now filter your Shepard’s case law reports to citing decisions from specific courts within federal circuits or states.

See more details on the latest Lexis Advance release.


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