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20 Apr 2018 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Help attorneys in the energy industry reduce risk and shine a light on transformative opportunities

In today’s energy industry, companies and clients count on lawyers to make sense of regulatory uncertainties, the environmental implications of new extraction technologies, rate cases and more. No industry is more fraught with promise and pitfalls. Using exceptional LexisNexis® energy content, combined with advanced analytics tools and well-honed industry insight, information professionals can help attorneys handle a range of legal challenges related to the exploration, production and sale of energy.

LexisNexis helps fuel your energy work with an exceptional combination of primary law, deep analysis, regulatory coverage, breaking news, litigation management tools and more.

As your practice focuses on research, rules and compliance pertaining to oil & gas, public utilities and other energy topics, here are just a few of the must-have resources you’ll find only on LexisNexis.

  •  Lexis Practice Advisor® Texas Business & Commercial offering

To help attorneys reduce drafting time and work more efficiently, this resource provides know-how from current energy sector practitioners. Get quick access to checklists, procedural how-tos, valuable forms with alternate clauses and drafting notes.

  •  Law360® Energy section articles and analysis

Get breaking news on energy cases, legislation and competitors, and stay up to date on existing and evolving compliance obligations. Law360 covers litigation, policy developments, corporate deals and more across dozens of practice areas, industries and jurisdictions.

   •  LexisNexis® State Net® legislative and regulatory tracking

State Net® provides customizable information to track, assess and share legislative and regulatory intelligence including hot issues such as renewable energy, air and water quality, land use, energy grids and infrastructures.

   •  Williams & Meyers, Oil and Gas Law

This industry standard, frequently cited by the courts, monitors changes to the law and provides guidance on conveyancing, oil and gas leases, implied covenants, pooling and unitization, division and transfer orders, gas purchase contracts and more.

   •  Public Utilities Reports

LexisNexis has a universe of regulatory materials from federal and state regulators, including FERC decisions and the coveted Public Utilities Reports.

   •  Mealey’s® Fracking Report

Get in-depth analysis of key events and litigation related to hydraulic fracturing with Mealey’s Fracking Report.


Plus, LexisNexis gives you access to a range of publications for keeping pace with relevant legislation, rules and regulations—and gaining more insight into the enforcement perspectives of regulators.

“The breadth of [energy-related] materials on Lexis Advance is critical. If a Lexis Advance search does not produce results then it probably doesn’t exist.”

Source: TechValidate.
TVID: D58-E08-383 

The quotes in this document are from third-party TechValidate® surveys completed in February 2013. TechValidate® is a trusted third-party research organization that directly interfaces with business and technology end users to collect and validate information about their deployments. More information is available at Every unit of TechValidate content is stamped with a unique nine-digit identifier called a TVID for easy identification and verification.


Managing high-stakes litigation

If your practice deals with energy litigation, you can make attorneys aware of LexisNexis tools and content that feature predictive analytics for smart decision making.

Forecast your chances of succeeding: LexisNexis® Verdict & Settlement Analyzer charts potential outcomes, trends and likely recovery amounts with one of the largest online collections of verdicts and settlements.

Get early warning of impending lawsuits: With more than 218 million federal and state court dockets and documents, LexisNexis® CourtLink® also helps you predict the behaviors of key players based on their prior performance and updates you on current cases.


Critical tools and content in one place

Where can you turn to access a wide range of energy law resources? The convenient Lexis Advance® Energy & Utilities Practice Center, available on the Lexis Advance service, delivers easy-to-access top industry sources, news and legal topics from across the LexisNexis services—all from one page—so you can be confident you don’t miss a thing.


More information

LexisNexis tools and resources can help attorneys navigate swift-moving regulatory change with confidence, stay ahead of compliance issues and make sound strategic decisions.

View an informative oil & gas and public utilities industry flyer to learn more.

For more information, call 800-543-6862 or contact your LexisNexis representative.


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