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27 Feb 2018 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Help clients proactively address tax opportunities, avoid pitfalls and take advantage of the new Law360® Tax Authority publication

While passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in late December marked a watershed moment—enactment of the most sweeping reform of the Internal Revenue Code in decades—its full impact has yet to be seen. Varied interpretations abound as the Treasury Department gears up to implement provisions and issue more detailed guidance in the coming weeks and months. Meanwhile, attorneys and clients wrestle with practical ambiguities. Professionals in your practice can get a head start on clarity with insightful new analysis and comprehensive resources.

Best-in-class LexisNexis resources provide context and arm your practice for the wide range of tax considerations clients will face at the federal, state, and local and global levels.

  • Efficiently stay current with breaking federal, state and international developments in tax law with exclusive new in-depth analysis from experienced tax journalists.
  • Rapidly access essential authority: statutes, legislation and Congressional reports, as well as cases, decisions, guidance and interpretive materials from the IRS and other taxing authorities.
  • Approach unfamiliar issues with confidence: consult a vast, trusted collection of treatises, practice guides and other expert analysis to find rapid direction in topics across a myriad of different contexts.
  • Leverage state-of-the-art Lexis Advance® visual optimization and analytics to help you assimilate and analyze information more quickly and efficiently.
  • Elect the research environment that best suits your workflow and business needs: use the Lexis Advance service for tax research or add the tax-specific Lexis Advance Tax platform, designed by tax attorneys for tailored efficiency. Lexis Advance Tax includes an optional setup that can suppress client-matter entry if the firm prefers not to bill tax research back to clients.

Here are some examples:

For the latest legislative, regulatory, judicial and professional developments in taxation, along with exclusive in-depth analysis and access to critical source materials

Explore a new broad, in-depth daily news service from Law360® covering federal, state and international tax news. Law360® Tax Authority provides exceptionally comprehensive coverage of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), state tax legislation, regulations and court decisions, the U.S. Treasury and tax authorities in foreign capitals. Tax practitioners and professors make sense of the news for you with analytical articles, loaded with insights, tax-planning strategies and caveats to give you a clear edge.

To find critical information you need to ensure compliance and counsel with confidence


LexisNexis provides an exclusive collection of content, including hard-to-find primary sources, trusted Shepard’s® validation and state-of-the-art search algorithms, as well as exclusive research enhancements, including Legal Issue Trail™, Search Term Maps, Lex Machina® Legal Analytics® , Legislative Outlook analytics and more.

To locate the varied perspectives you need to break down complex issues in tax law and provide trusted guidance in unfamiliar areas


LexisNexis provides hundreds of exclusive tax, accounting and estate-practice treatises and other analytical resources, including:

  • Highly-respected tax authorities (cited by the IRS and courts)
  • An array of unique industry-specific and specialty titles that provide critical, specialized insight into key sectors
  • Trusted practice guides
  • Forms sets
  • A wealth of state-specific estate planning and probate content
  • Journals, law reviews, conference papers, news and other expert analyses

LexisNexis offers both deep insight and a unique variety of different perspectives to lend clarity to complex analyses.

To provide rapid, actionable and cost-effective advice to clients with a comprehensive suite of content

Along with the Lexis Advance tax research experience, LexisNexis also offers the option to add Lexis Advance Tax, a dedicated tax-specific platform and “all inclusive” content package that eliminates additional transactional charges.

Lexis Advance Tax incorporates logical source-selection options and workflow tools like the exclusive Lexis® Tax Advisor—Federal Code Reporter, which expedites multiple steps of primary tax research and links to other materials, as needed, helping to ensure nothing is missed.

At your election, the platform may also be set up to dispense with the need to “billback” research to clients.


Law360 Tax Authority

Consult Law360 Tax Authority, an exciting new tax news product specially designed for tax practitioners, including attorneys, accountants, government officials and others who need comprehensive, in-depth coverage of federal, state and foreign tax news each business day.

While drawing on the respected experience, speed and ease-of-use of Law360 Legal News, Law360 Tax Authority takes this core competency to a new level by providing a broader scope, deep-dive analysis, high-profile contributor articles, crucial source documents and other key intelligence.

To access Law360 Tax Authority in Lexis Advance, just go to the Lexis Advance Explore Content pod and select Content Type > Legal News > Law360.



Once you have taken that step, there are three ways to access Law 360 Tax Authority, depending on whether you wish to pull up the most recent articles, run a search or set an Alert for email delivery.


To get right to Law 360 Tax Authority’s most recent articles

  1. Click Law360® Tax Authority (Display by Date)—see above.
  2. Three Table of Contents links (Federal, State & Local, International) will be at the top of the list, followed by the day’s articles.


To run a search in Law 360 Tax Authority

  1. Go to the Explore Content pod and select Content Type > Legal News > Law360.
  2. Click the Advanced Search link to conduct a form-based search.


To set up alert to email each day’s TOC

  1. Go to the Explore Content pod and select Content Type > Legal News > Law360.
  2. In the big red search box at the top of the page, enter: cite(toc)—this will return all three TOCs tabs (Federal, State & Local, International).
  3. Click the Alert (bell) icon to receive this result each day.


For more customized Alert tips, please contact your LexisNexis account representative.

Here’s an example of a Law360 Tax Authority article found by date:


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For more details on LexisNexis resources for tax practitioners, please contact your LexisNexis account representative.


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