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13 Sep 2019 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Increase patent prosecution efficiency with LexisNexis PatentAdvisor®

The LexisNexis® IP portfolio is a unique suite of solutions that offers content, resources and tools designed specifically for IP professionals and researchers. LexisNexis IP evaluation and analysis tools and databases make up the world’s leading intellectual property research solution. For an overview of the patent workflow and resources available via the LexisNexis IP portfolio, visit this site for Intellectual Property Professionals.

PatentAdvisor™ is a powerful patent analytics tool with the potential to revolutionize your firm’s prosecution practice. The PatentAdvisor service can be used for anything from a quick check into an examiner’s behavior tendencies to deep dives into obscure patent data questions. All of the data is customizable so it can be used in unique ways to get ahead of the competition.

Now you can easily, and with more accuracy than ever, predict your assigned examiner’s behavior so you know how to adjust your prosecution strategy accordingly. The exclusive PatentAdvisor ETA™ feature provides access to the most accurate and comprehensive patent examiner analytics available anywhere.

With PatentAdvisor you can:

  • Efficiently manage your resources by identifying cases that require extra care and a carefully crafted prosecution strategy, with the exclusive Examiner Lottery Framework™ metrics that predict examiner behavior
  • Market your firm to its fullest potential to prospective clients and earn more business from current clients with objective metrics that showcase your areas of expertise
  • Improve patent prosecution outcomes with actionable data and analytics to support your clients’ patent prosecution strategy to save your clients time and money


Only the PatentAdvisor service offers these valuable exclusive features:

1. PatentAdvisor ETA™ (Examiner Time Allocation), exclusive to PatentAdvisor, is the single most informative metric for predicting patent examiner behavior. This color-coded metric predicts both the likelihood and difficulty of obtaining a patent. Now you can easily, and with more accuracy than ever, predict your assigned examiner’s behavior so you know how to adjust your prosecution strategy accordingly for each type of examiner—red, yellow and green. 

The ETA™ tool is based on a proprietary algorithm that takes into consideration the examiner’s pending portfolio, how long they have been at the USPTO and a wide range of important statistical evaluations of the examiner’s historical actions. Within the PatentAdvisor service, the ETA metric is instantly identifiable, reflected as a color-coded range of numerical favorability. We have further broken down the ETA metric into easy-to-understand color categories that identify, in the most simplistic terms, whether you have been assigned a favorable or less favorable examiner.

  • Red = ETA of 6+, indicating a high likelihood of long prosecution length, examiner having less experience, granting less than 15 applications per year, on average
  • Yellow = ETA of 2.6 – 5.9, indicating mediocre prosecution length, examiner having average experience, granting between 15 – 150 applications per year, on average
  • Green = ETA of .1 – 2.5, indicating high likelihood of a short prosecution length, examiner having lots of experience, granting over 150 applications per year, on average

2. ​ETA Distribution™​: Visual representation of the current makeup of each type of patent examiner for a specific art unit, tech center group or tech center.

3. Examiner Lottery Framework™: Built upon ETA, these new metrics provide transparency into the USPTO, never before available. The ETA Distribution™ shows the current makeup of patent examiners, and the Lottery Map™ shows the likelihood of being assigned to a specific type of examiner for an art unit, tech center group or tech center. Access the Examiner Lottery Framework infographic to see how PatentAdvisor ETA, ETA Distribution and the Lottery Map work together.

4. Patent Document Search: See how others are overcoming rejections with the same examiner or in the same art unit with the Examiner and Art Unit search feature found only in PatDocSearch™. This easy-to-use search system allows searching of the full text of office actions, responses and claims across the full breadth of USPTO PAIR data.

5. QuickPAIR™ Access: The most robust application details, anywhere. Assists in predicting examiner behavior so your firm can adjust the prosecution strategy. Key details include examiner’s ETA, the average number of office actions and the average time to allowance.    

6. Prosecution Guidebook: provides direction on recommended prosecution strategies specific to an application based on the statistical patterns for its assigned examiner.

The PatentAdvisor service brings insight and predictive analytics to the prosecution and management of patents. With the most accurate and comprehensive patent prosecution analytics available anywhere, PatentAdvisor enables you to easily predict your assigned examiner’s behavior so you know how to adjust your prosecution strategy accordingly.

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