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18 Oct 2021 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Introducing CaseMap® Cloud

The intuitive CaseMap® Cloud service provides a collaborative and intuitive platform for case organization, allowing you to build a strong legal strategy and develop a compelling case from anywhere at any time. The cloud-based architecture integrates with key LexisNexis products to enhance litigation workflow.

  • Better organize, analyze, and craft your strategy.
    Manage facts from intake through settlement or trial, and see connections that might otherwise have been missed.

  • Automatically create connections from people and organizations to facts with entity recognition.

  • Save hours by seamlessly constructing your case chronology and converting your timeline into a powerful visual aid.

  • Manage transcripts with enhanced functionality

  • Seamlessly access Lexis+ resources and the Shepard’s Citations Service, and easily send research to CaseMap Cloud without switching between products.

  • Count on simple access anywhere
    As an online application rather than a local software installation, CaseMap Cloud gives users access to their cases from anywhere at any time and the ability to easily collaborate with other users within and across offices.
  • Gain simplified product administration and pursue cost savings
    Firms and organizations using CaseMap Cloud tools will realize savings through: elimination of costly infrastructure spends on IT hardware and associated software; simplified setup and rollout; and reduced security risk from locally stored data.

Visit the CaseMap Cloud product page to learn more and request a free trial.


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