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11 Mar 2019 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

LexisNexis® Information Professional Quarterly Update—March 2019

Know more about your experts—and your opponents’—faster

Whether you are searching for a potential expert to retain, vetting your expert or preparing to cross-examine an opposing expert, your access to information can dramatically impact the outcome of your case. That is why LexisNexis now provides a product that allows you to conduct all of your expert witness research in one place via the LexisNexis® award-winning Context product on Lexis Advance®.  See more details.

Ensure your summer employees are ready with the LexisNexis® Prepare to Practice program

A first job at a law firm can be very rewarding but also overwhelming for summer or new associates who don’t have the necessary skills to complete their assignments. The new members of your team should arrive on their first day ready to contribute. Give them the resources they need to be successful with the LexisNexis® Prepare to Practice program.  Learn more.

New data visualization makes its way to Shepard’s®—See the most important aspects of your case faster with Shepard’s® case cards

The Shepard’s® Citations Service latest improvement comes as a new, intuitive dashboard designed to give you the vital case and citation information you need to formulate next steps. The new Shepard’s® case card is an interactive graphic on Lexis Advance®, that lets you see case treatment details and more in your search results—without leaving the results screen.  Find out more.

Practice Area Spotlight
Ensuring that M&A Documents and Negotiations Reflect Current Market Trends

After flirting with an all-time volume record over the first half of 2018, the M&A market weathered some headwinds before closing the year on a strong clip. To survive in the ultra-competitive market for M&A services, attorneys need access to high-quality tools to help them keep up to speed on not only the big-picture economic and legal issues that impact dealmaking, but also current standards in drafting and negotiating the fine print.  Read more.

Customize menus with specific content and tools for more convenient access at the individual or firm level

Two custom solutions released in 2018 to help users and organizations manage and access defined content sets on Lexis Advance®. Non-billable zones, available to law firms, allow administrators to select content sets that are non-billable for all users or a set of users. Custom pages on the Lexis Advance service is a convenient way to create a page with key sources and tools you use most or set up to share with others.  Learn more.

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