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7 Jul 2020 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

LexisNexis® Information Professional Quarterly Update—July 2020

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We’re excited to “see” you in the LexisNexis® booth at the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) virtual exhibit hall July 13 – 16. Be sure to stop in and get the latest updates on the products that interest you. Find out how.

Quickly evaluate product liability case value and viability

Product liability cases can be complicated, expensive and time-consuming. But now, working up cases can be more efficient. Designed by and for practitioners, the new Lexis Product Liability Navigator™ tool helps attorneys and researchers assess the validity, value and potential risk of a case, obtain critical information and insights across all LexisNexis® content, and formulate case strategies while reducing research hours spent on case preparation. Take a look.

Inspirations and insights
Finding direction and enjoyment in the world of law librarians

This year Gayle Lynn Nelson, Knowledge & Research Consultant, received the Private Law Librarians & Information Professionals (PLLIP) Vendor/Outside Champion Award for work promoting the value of information professionals to the broader legal community. Reflecting on modest beginnings, Gayle recently told us what she appreciates about her career, accomplishments and colleagues. Join us for a quick conversation with Gayle.

Practice Area Spotlight
COVID-19 and securities disclosures

The global COVID-19 pandemic has affected virtually every corner of the economy and forced public and private companies to take a very deep look at all aspects of their businesses. Public companies have an additional layer to consider: SEC filing obligations and investor communications. In the area of compliance, securities practitioners can benefit from a broad range of practical guidance, current awareness, secondary analytical content and market research tools. Get the details.

Market your firm to its full potential with the new LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® Benchmarking Reports™

Discover optimal ways to market your firm to prospective patent clients and earn more business from current clients with credible, third-party, objective data. Help your firm showcase areas of expertise with the proprietary LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® Efficiency Score™ and real-time, fully customizable PatentAdvisor™ Benchmarking Reports™. Check it out.

Updated complimentary COVID-19 resources from LexisNexis®

Digest of LexisNexis® InfoPro Weekly-July 2020

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