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20 Sep 2018 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Monitor manage and surmount regulatory and legal hurdles in the high-tech industry

Intellectual property filings and disputes … consumer and commercial litigation … data breach threats … compliance concerns … increasing costs … consumer demands. In today’s legal climate, attorneys in the high-tech industry need tools that go beyond research as they address new and emerging challenges. With specialized LexisNexis® tools and resources, you can help lawyers stay ahead of issues and pressures in the high-tech industry.

Advance your high-tech work with an exclusive combination of primary law, specific secondary sources, deep analysis, regulatory coverage, breaking news, litigation management tools and more.

In the area of IP, delve into a universe of LexisNexis patent resources that helps you meet the drafting, filing, infringement, litigation and competitive intelligence demands of the high-tech industry.


Essential information for high-tech

The following tools and resources, available only from LexisNexis, are essential for legal work in telecommunications, aerospace, computer hardware and software, and other high-tech fields.


Lexis Advance® Practice Centers

Discover top resources all in one place for Patent, Copyright, Trademark, Securities, Communications and Data Privacy & Cyberlaw. For example, the Patent Practice Center delivers easy-to-access IP sources, technology news and tech-specific legal topics from across LexisNexis services, all from one convenient pag.


Lexis Practice Advisor®

 •    The Intellectual Property & Technology offering provides practical guidance, authoritative practice notes and checklists, and integrated drafting forms that help you keep your tech company on track.

 •    The Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation offering helps you manage workforce issues at your high-tech company. Access all LexisNexis employment-related content from a single resource center and rely on real-world tips, forms and analysis from practicing attorneys.


LexisNexis TotalPatent One® and LexisNexis PatentOptimizer®

Transform patent workflows and develop well tailored patent applications, whether you are prosecuting or defending a high-tech patent. TotalPatent One® has many of the major world patent authorities in full text.


Chisum on Patents, Milgrim on Trade Secrets®s, Gilson on Trademarks® and more

Access some of the most cited, most authoritative Intellectual Property analytical titles.


“Lexis Advance® is a terrific tool when I need to research an issue across multiple jurisdictions. Need to find something fast? Lexis Advance can help you do that.”*

—Telecom Regulatory Consulting Service


Be confident with high-tech current awareness

Timely notifications about your competitors and consumer protection rules help keep you on guard and up to date on the latest regulations.

  • Easily search the massive LexisNexis repository of tech-related news and primary state and federal legal sources, including codes and regulations.
  • Get top coverage of the latest high-tech cases, legislation and competitors through highly focused breaking news when you access Law360® Aerospace & Defense, Cybersecurity & Privacy, Intellectual Property, Technology and Telecommunications content.
  • View rules on a specific tech topic in all 50 states with LexisNexis 50-State Surveys of Statutes and Regulations.
  • Track bills and regulations from a single service with a simple click using LexisNexis® State Net®, which monitors the legislative and regulatory activities and changes impacting the tech industry—every day—from Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission developments to renewed efforts by legislators and regulators to govern relevant areas like public utilities.


Master high-stakes litigation with confidence

LexisNexis® CourtLink® gives you early warning of tech-related lawsuits. Plus, with more than 180 million dockets and documents, CourtLink® analytics uncover litigation history and patterns to help you predict the behaviors of key players based on their prior performance.

Additional predictive analytics and exclusive data visualization tools provide you with real strategic insights you won’t find anywhere else.


More information

View an informative high-tech industry flyer to learn more.

For additional details, call 800-543-6862 or contact your LexisNexis® account representative.


*Testimonial in response to customer survey. 

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