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Turn new filings into new business

Get fast information from your court case search on new filings that spell trouble or opportunity for potential clients. Solidify your understanding before their team has their morning brew.

Deliver client service that excites

Spot client risks and opportunities. Provide timely insights with same-day notice of new filings and new civil court cases. Earn client confidence—and a greater share of their work.

Put big docket data to work

Harness data from millions of dockets. On-demand court records, tracking and alerts, new civil records, criminal records, federal and state. Satisfyingly simple court case searches fill you in on all the players too.

Work fast, search precisely

Save time but preserve court case search integrity with easy-to-use features, simple tools and single-search clicks. Call up precise results quickly. Haste makes waste? Yeah, we just stuck a fork in that.

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Want to kick your skills up a notch? Whether you’re tracking litigation, drafting documents, looking for background on people, places and things, visit the CourtLink® Quick Tips page. Take full advantage of the powerful platform that tames millions of state and federal, civil and criminal dockets.

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