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18 Jun 2019 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Patent Search Results You Can Rely On

The LexisNexis® IP portfolio is a unique suite of solutions that offers content, resources and tools designed specifically for IP professionals and researchers. LexisNexis evaluation and analysis tools and databases make up the world’s leading intellectual property research solution. For an overview of the patent workflow and resources available via the LexisNexis IP portfolio, visit this site for Intellectual Property Professionals.  

Patents can be among a company’s most significant assets. In order to protect, develop and maintain these valuable assets, IP professionals and researchers need a patent research tool that yields both complete and relevant content from authorities across the globe. LexisNexis TotalPatent One® was specifically created to deliver against these important requirements.   

The TotalPatent One® patent research solution is designed to deliver on-point results derived from the most comprehensive and in-depth content collection of patent and non-patent literature available. The platform, incorporating state-of-the-art search technology and user interface design, maximizes efficiency and delivers easy access to the search results users require. TotalPatent One was developed so patent professionals and researchers can confidently find the results they seek. Users can review their entire set of results on one easy-to-scroll page with no limit to the number of returned results. The results are enhanced by visual analytics which display metadata in charts and graphs, so users can instantly analyze information on the authorities, assignees and class codes.



Leverage Comprehensive Data

Now you can find the results you need. The TotalPatent One patent research solution enables you to:

  • Have confidence in results with access to the world’s most comprehensive patent database
  • Improve efficiency with a faster, cleaner, more intuitive user interface
  • Stay ahead of the competition with the ability to continuously monitor competitor’s patents

TotalPatent One gives you the comprehensive patent data you need to help address challenges such as: 

  • Protecting your patent portfolio 
  • Researching licensing opportunities 
  • Checking assignee and patent status 
  • Tracking competitor developments 
  • Watching innovation space 
  • Monitoring emerging markets 

Common TotalPatent One searches include:

  • Freedom-To-Operate Search/Clearance Search
  • Novelty Search/Patentability Search
  • Validity Search
  • Invalidity Search

Learn more about these searches here.


Exclusive Features

The LexisNexis TotalPatent One exclusive features include:

  • Comprehensive content: the world’s largest and deepest collection of patent data from around the globe. TotalPatent One is a complete patent search platform that allows users to quickly access patent data for over 125M patent documents from 107 patent authorities worldwide.
  • Machine translation: search patents in English, even if they were originally written in another language, with the largest collection of fully translated documents.
  • Largest collection of searchable PDFs: explore the largest collection of searchable PDFs available. Easy to use and easy to share, the PDFs are compressed to enable faster searching of large documents.  
  • Similarity search: find other relevant results and save time by doing a similarity check which matches your document to all documents in the database. The 10 highest-scoring documents, according to title and abstract text, are automatically shown.  


Recent Enhancements

At LexisNexis IP, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our customer value and satisfaction. We are excited to share with you the latest enhancements available to you in the LexisNexis TotalPatent One patent research solution.  

  • Export modal drag-and-drop: this feature has been redesigned based on customer feedback. It is now easier to navigate and customize with the ability to export:
  • All images
  • Address information
  • Document ranges
  • First claim only
  • Specific fields in multiple documents into a single Word or PDF file providing the ability to review all of the documents within a single file
  • KWIC™ (Key Words In Context) is now enabled in the document view: this feature has been added based on customer feedback. You are now able to quickly view all of your key words at once, without having to scroll the entire document, to identify relevant documents faster.  
  • Ability to sort documents by publication number. 
  • The Directory of Corporate Affiliations has been added to the Object Search: This allows you to see a company and all of its subsidiaries. 
  • The ability to create and export family reports: provides the ability to pull the title, abstracts and legal status of the entire family into one document.
  • Expansion of query box: customize the length of the query box by dragging on the icon in the bottom right corner.  
  • Folders to save search queries: save search queries in different saved folders by clicking on the star icon in the object box. Queries can be saved in new or existing folders. 
  • Authority selection: a new selection grid, located below the object search box, allows researchers to select specific authorities to be included in the search.
  • INPADOC: A new INPADOC link has been added at the top of the family table in the document view. When you hover over the icon, the cursor will turn into the hand, signifying a link, and the word “INPADOC” will appear. 
  • Alert set-up: You are now able to set up alerts through a new, more streamlined set-up screen.



TotalPatent One tutorials are each under five minutes long and are designed to give you a quick demonstration of a specific feature. Current tutorials include:


Other helpful links and information:

  • For more information on the TotalPatent One patent research solution, visit this page.
  • For more information on the entire LexisNexis IP Portfolio, visit the Intellectual Property Tools page.
  • For more information on LexisNexis Intellectual Property resources, please contact your LexisNexis® account representative.
  • Look for in-depth information on Patent Prosecution in the September issue of the LexisNexis® Information Professional Update.


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