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18 Oct 2021 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Practical Guidance gets an updated look and more

Several new Practical Guidance features are now available on the Lexis+® service, including bookmarking functionality, easier access to high-value tools and resources (see right column in image below), new icons and a clean, modern look and feel.

Compare U.S. federal laws with state laws using the State Law Comparison Tool within Practical Guidance

Users can now use the State Law Comparison Tool to compare federal laws with state laws on specific topics in Practical Guidance. Select a topic that has guidance on federal law, and note the U.S. Federal button on top of the state jurisdictions. Select applicable state buttons.


Market Standards for Labor & Employment and Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation

Practical Guidance recently released Market Standards for Labor & Employment and Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation, helping legal professionals research market trends and locate precedent language within deal documents. With Market Standards, users can:

  • Analyze market trends across a wide variety of executive employment agreement terms based on data from thousands of publicly filed agreements
  • Use highly customized search and filter capabilities to locate the most relevant agreements for peer group comparisons or research specific terms and clauses.
  • Find on-point precedent language for employment agreement provisions using highly specific filters covering the most highly negotiated elements of these agreements, including detailed data points for compensation and benefits terms, termination and severance terms, change-in-control terms, restrictive covenants, dispute resolution and more.

Market Standards includes:

  • Robust and up-to-date content: Approximately 4,600 employment agreements and growing, with coverage since 2017
  • Flexible searching: 75 deal points allowing for granular comparisons of common and highly negotiated terms of the agreement
  • Data-driven insights: Analytics and data visualization for insights into patterns and trends

Learn more about Practical Guidance here.

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