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7 Dec 2023 Author : Lindsey Watson

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Check out new Lexis+® Agreement Analysis

You may have noticed an update to your Lexis+® Experience Dock! The Brief Analysis Experience is now called “Document Analysis.” That’s because we’ve added a new tool called Agreement Analysis.

Lexis+ Agreement Analysis will assist transactional attorneys in analyzing, negotiating, and finalizing transactional agreements, specifically: merger, stock purchase, and asset purchase agreements.  It provides targeted alternative clause language and guidance from Practical Guidance and the Market Standards database of publicly filed SEC agreements, based on the uploaded document. With Agreement Analysis, gain a better understanding of agreement language nuances, tease out the market standard language specific to their clauses, and leverage pro-party considerations in complex provisions, in a much more efficient way than by performing a series of individual searches. 

Once you upload a document, you’ll see the dashboard and with four different options:  Analysis Summary, Clauses Breakdown, Sources Breakdown and Tools & Resources. 

  • Analysis Summary: Displays AI extracted deal parameters from the uploaded document and then offers alternate clauses using the Practical Guidance clause catalog and drafting guidance, in conjunction with the Market Standards database publicly filed SEC agreements. 

  • Clauses Breakdown: Provides a roadmap of high value clauses identified in the uploaded document and a breakdown of how many alternate clauses are available to review for each high value clause, as well as an indicator of their origin (i.e., Practical Guidance or Market Standards’ SEC content).

  • Sources Breakdown: Provides information on the source documents from which the alternate clause suggestions were extracted breaking it down into Practical Guidance and Market Standards content.

  • Tools & Resources: Access a curated repository of the most relevant Practical Guidance Resource Kits and Checklists for the legal analysis tasks you want to accomplish. This tab also contains links to Practical Guidance’s Market Standards and State Law Comparison tools, allowing for deeper market trends research, help finding sample clause language using up to 160 deal point filters, and additional guidance.