Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Refine by Document Type in Lexis® Courtlink®

A Document Type drop-down has been added to the document search page in CourtLink, making it easier to locate Complaints, Motions, Orders etc. within CourtLink’s collection of full text documents – over 63.3 million! Users no longer need to know how to use segments to find court proceedings of interest. The pre-search drop-down filter covers over 50 types of court documents. Simply check the boxes that correspond ...
26 Jan 2023

Nexis Newsdesk™ Tip of the Month: Quickly Streamline Company Searches

Crafting a concise search for news on a specific company can be challenging in terms of the high number of results. The bigger the company, the more news you will find. For example, Twitter will generate a lot of news coverage, and many will not be useful for your purposes. For example, note this initial search on Twitter Inc. generating over 100,000 news articles and top results may not be relevant to what you are interested ...
26 Jan 2023

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Find content for subject matter-specific litigation

Quickly surface subject matter-specific litigation content by selecting “ Subject Matter Litigation Resources ” under Topics & Tasks in the Civil Litigation practice area , within the Practical Guidance experience. Here you’ll find links to litigation-specific resource kits for Labor & Employment, Insurance, Antitrust, Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation, Tax, and Intellectual Property ...
19 Jan 2023

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: U.S. Voting Laws & Legislation Center

The LexisNexis® U.S. Voting Laws & Legislation Center is a free website for researching developments in U.S. voting laws and legislation. This first-of-its-kind resource shines a spotlight on voting laws and legislation in the United States and brings transparency to information that has historically been difficult to access and understand. The initial release of the U.S. Voting Laws & Legislation Center ...
12 Jan 2023

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Quickest way to find a source on Lexis® or Lexis+®

Quickly find out if a source is available on Lexis/Lexis+ and view details. In Explore Content on the landing page, click on Sources. Lexis ® Lexis+ ® Click into the Search for a Source box and start entering the name of the source. When proceeding to the results, you can click on the “i” icon to review more details regarding that source, such as in the below example:
4 Jan 2023

Practical Guidance Top 10 Tasks & Tools by Practice Area

Information Professionals Antitrust Bankruptcy Business Entities Capital Markets & Corporate Governance Civil Litigation Commercial Transactions Construction Data Security & Privacy Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation Energy & Utilities Finance Financial Services Regulation Healthcare Insurance Intellectual Property Labor & Employment Life Sciences Private ...
15 Dec 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Explore Content International Enhancements

Users can now explore the breadth and depth of the international content collection by content type via the International tab in Explore Content. Clicking on any of the new Content Type categories will provide a list of countries where we offer those types of materials. Explore Content
15 Dec 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: “Winning Brief” Feature on Brief Analysis

Brief Analysis on Lexis+® now makes it easier to identify briefs and motions that have been successful in court. When you upload a brief or motion to Brief Analysis, you’ll now see a “Winning Briefs” tag under the Similar Briefs category. Additionally, you’ll be able to find deeper insights on attorney, law firm and judges with links into Context from the briefs or motions you are reviewing ...
30 Nov 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Using Brief Analysis as a research tool using a “passage” from a document

You may be aware that Brief Analysis on Lexis+® is often used to find related recommendations to other cases, briefs, Practical Guidance documents and treatises based on your brief. Brief Analysis also allows for the use of a passage from a document—rather than an entire brief, case, or other document. For example, you can capture relevant language from a statute, case, or a secondary source to quickly find ...
16 Nov 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Case Type Filter for Civil or Criminal cases

When reviewing your results in case law on Lexis+®, you can easily narrow to Civil or Criminal cases using the Case Type filter: This feature helps save time reviewing results so you can focus on the cases you are most interested in.
9 Nov 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Quick Access to TOCs for Topical Codes

It is now easier for researchers to get to the table of contents for statutes with topical codes in Lexis® and Lexis+®. The U.S. Code and the statutes in NY, MD, TX, CA and LA are “topical codes.” Often, researchers who are interested in these states might run a search like this one below. Previously, this search generated a results list in the Cases content category when the intent was to get ...
27 Oct 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Lexis+ Expanded High Level Content Types

The high-level content types also include the more granular content types that show in the Content tType pod. This will help you quickly see the breadth of content we have available and will enable a faster and more intuitive selection for you. Previously, you would choose a high-level content type, then need to go to the Content Type pod to be able to choose a content subset. Now, content subsets will surface within ...
13 Oct 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Have You Seen the New Shepard’s® History at a Glance?

Researchers need to be able to quickly see the most important history events that have impacted or have been impacted by the case you are Shepardizing ™. Our new graphical view on Lexis+ makes it much easier to see the most important cases in the history chain and display relationships between the cases. Additional information about a particular citation in the graphical view is visible when hovering over the respective ...
6 Oct 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Navigating to Specific Steps in Your Research History

How can you easily get back to a specific step in a past search session? How can you check on which content types you already searched, which documents you viewed and what filters you applied in past searches? With Research Map! While History on the Lexis+® and Lexis® platforms will take you back to the results of an initial search, it does not provide a summary of the content types reviewed, filters applied ...
28 Sep 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Shepard’s® BriefLink—now able to use with a PDF!

Shepard’s ® BriefLink makes it easy to embed links to citations in documents you are submitting to court, sharing with colleagues or publishing. And now it is even more convenient to use because you can upload a PDF as well as a Microsoft® Word® document. Access BriefLink to see that both Word documents and PDF formats are supported: You can learn more about BriefLink here: Automate Imbedding Citation ...
20 Sep 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Permalink Reminder

A great way to share a document, search results, table of contents or even a Shepard’s ® report from Lexis or Lexis+ is through the creation of permanent links (permalinks) using the Link to this page feature. There are a few things to keep in mind when using these links. Rather than using a browser bookmark, the permalink will store and set the application-related properties of the page you are viewing ...
14 Sep 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Segment Field Display Enhancement in Advanced Search Forms

The segment fields have been moved to the top of the advanced search template to make it easier to identify and search within specific segments. Plus, less scrolling!
31 Aug 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: How to Use the Practical Guidance Video Collection

Did you know that Practical Guidance available on the Lexis platform currently has 180+ videos across 13 practice areas? That is three times more than the competition! Most videos are two to five minutes and allow you to quickly get up to speed on a variety of updates or learn new topics. You can access them from within a practice area by using the Tools & Resources section on the right side of the page: Our ...
24 Aug 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: How to Use SmartIndexing when Searching News Content

When searching the extensive news collection on the Lexis® and Lexis+ platforms, you’ve likely noticed the indexing that displays at the end of each article. Our SmartIndexing process provides index terms in a variety of categories. The SmartIndex populates under the subject and industry filters in your search results and displays the percentage scores with each index term (a single word or phrase) which relates ...
10 Aug 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Start Brief Analysis from Within Lexis+® Briefs, Pleadings & Motions Search Results

When searching Briefs, Pleadings & Motions on Lexis+, you can link directly to Brief Analysis from a document in your results. The “Analyze with Brief Analysis” button will allow you to upload that brief straight into the Brief Analysis tool within Lexis+ research. Then, users can view the dashboard surfacing key details regarding the uploaded brief.
28 Jul 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: When to Use Location by Publication and Geography by Document While Searching News content

In the Filters panel, when searching the news on Lexis® or Lexis+, you’ll see two seemingly related filters: Location by Publication and Geography by Document Both filters can be helpful depending on what you need: Location by Publication: Use this filter when you want to limit the source publications to those that originate in a particular country or state. Think of it in terms of where the physical ...
13 Jul 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Securities Law Practice Center on Lexis® and Lexis+® –curated sources make it easier to find what you need!

The Securities Law Practice Center pages make it easy to find the most relevant sources in a specific area of law. Let’s look at the Securities Law page as an example: By expanding categories on the left, I see a more detailed list of the sources. For example, in the Administrative Materials and Self-Regulatory Organization Materials sections, you’ll notice SEC materials as one source, All SEC Materials ...
7 Jul 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: View Excerpts for Statutes on Lexis+

When in the results list for statutes and regulations, users can click on Excerpts to see the full excerpt of the Statute. Here is what it looks like in the results list: “View excerpt”: This screenshot shows the excerpt display providing more context. To return to your results list, click on the link, Back to Results.
29 Jun 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Save and upload answer sets for automated templates in Practical Guidance

Users can save and upload answer sets on all automated templates within Practical Guidance, allowing them to reuse answers and increase workflow efficiency. First, create an answer file. Simply open any Automated Template and select Build Your Document or Recent Work Items : Continue working through the form until you see the Upload button under Answer File on the Getting Started screen: Proceed through the ...
22 Jun 2022

LexisNexis at AALL 2022

LexisNexis® is delighted to continue our Platinum Level Sponsorship at this year’s AALL Annual Conference. We’ve worked closely with Information Professionals and AALL for multiple decades and deeply respect our longstanding relationship with this community. Your experience, knowledge and feedback drive the next generation of LexisNexis products. See where it’s taken us and where our evolution can ...
20 Jun 2022