Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: How to Use SmartIndexing when Searching News Content

When searching the extensive news collection on the Lexis® and Lexis+ platforms, you’ve likely noticed the indexing that displays at the end of each article. Our SmartIndexing process provides index terms in a variety of categories. The SmartIndex populates under the subject and industry filters in your search results and displays the percentage scores with each index term (a single word or phrase) which relates ...
10 Aug 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Start Brief Analysis from Within Lexis+® Briefs, Pleadings & Motions Search Results

When searching Briefs, Pleadings & Motions on Lexis+, you can link directly to Brief Analysis from a document in your results. The “Analyze with Brief Analysis” button will allow you to upload that brief straight into the Brief Analysis tool within Lexis+ research. Then, users can view the dashboard surfacing key details regarding the uploaded brief.
28 Jul 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: When to Use Location by Publication and Geography by Document While Searching News content

In the Filters panel, when searching the news on Lexis® or Lexis+, you’ll see two seemingly related filters: Location by Publication and Geography by Document Both filters can be helpful depending on what you need: Location by Publication: Use this filter when you want to limit the source publications to those that originate in a particular country or state. Think of it in terms of where the physical ...
13 Jul 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Securities Law Practice Center on Lexis® and Lexis+® –curated sources make it easier to find what you need!

The Securities Law Practice Center pages make it easy to find the most relevant sources in a specific area of law. Let’s look at the Securities Law page as an example: By expanding categories on the left, I see a more detailed list of the sources. For example, in the Administrative Materials and Self-Regulatory Organization Materials sections, you’ll notice SEC materials as one source, All SEC Materials ...
7 Jul 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: View Excerpts for Statutes on Lexis+

When in the results list for statutes and regulations, users can click on Excerpts to see the full excerpt of the Statute. Here is what it looks like in the results list: “View excerpt”: This screenshot shows the excerpt display providing more context. To return to your results list, click on the link, Back to Results.
29 Jun 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Save and upload answer sets for automated templates in Practical Guidance

Users can save and upload answer sets on all automated templates within Practical Guidance, allowing them to reuse answers and increase workflow efficiency. First, create an answer file. Simply open any Automated Template and select Build Your Document or Recent Work Items : Continue working through the form until you see the Upload button under Answer File on the Getting Started screen: Proceed through the ...
22 Jun 2022

AALL Giveaway and Drawing Rules and Regulations

OFFICIAL RULES NO PURCHASE NECESSARY . A PURCHASE OR PAYMENT OF ANY KIND WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. Open only to members of the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) who are registered to and attend the 2022 AALL Conference July 17 through July 19, 2022, and who are least 18 years of age or older as of July 17, 2022. Void where prohibited by law . Employees of LexisNexis, a division of RELX Inc ...
20 Jun 2022

LexisNexis at AALL 2022

LexisNexis® is delighted to continue our Platinum Level Sponsorship at this year’s AALL Annual Conference. We’ve worked closely with Information Professionals and AALL for multiple decades and deeply respect our longstanding relationship with this community. Your experience, knowledge and feedback drive the next generation of LexisNexis products. See where it’s taken us and where our evolution can ...
20 Jun 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Using Directories to Find Information on People

When conducting a search of a person’s name in the Directories content type on the Lexis® or Lexis+® platforms, one of the issues you may face is pulling up all documents in the directories that merely mention the person’s name rather than specific entries about that person. This happens because people are connected to organizations, companies, employment history, biographies and cited news articles ...
14 Jun 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Retrieve all documents from a single source on either Lexis® or Lexis+®

On both the Lexis® and Lexis+ platforms, users can retrieve all documents from a single source without entering search terms. Below are the steps for Lexis followed by the steps for Lexis+. Users have the option to conduct this type of search for a number of content types, though it’s more common in News, Law Reviews, Scientific materials, etc. On the Lexis platform: Type the name of the source/publication ...
8 Jun 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Life Sciences/Pharmaceutical Area of Law Page

When conducting research in the life sciences, take advantage of the grouping of sources on the Life Sciences/Pharmaceutical Practice Area page to find helpful and important sources quickly and easily. Two content sets I’ve found insightful are within Secondary Sources and Industry News & FDC Reports: By expanding Secondary Sources, users can find the ability to search all the Elsevier® Full Text Journals ...
31 May 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Find Recommended Secondary Sources by Headnote

Lexis+ has added recommended secondary sources from a list of 170 well-respected titles that relate to a particular Headnote. This enhancement adds value by integrating our trusted secondary sources and treatises available on Lexis+ within Headnotes while viewing the case in full text. When you click on the Recommended Source, you will see the following:
19 May 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Save Time With Saved Templates in Courtlink®

Save time by using a saved template as the default starting point in your CourtLink® search! First, save the court(s) you search frequently as a template. Then, check the box and select Save as Default to use your template every time you run a search. You can always select other courts or another template, and can select Remove as Default when a template no longer suits your needs.
4 May 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Practical Guidance State Law Surveys—be alerted to any changes!

State Law Surveys on Practical Guidance include an alert feature so you can be automatically updated when a change occurs to the survey. You have two ways to set up an alert. First, you can select the bell icon next to the title of the survey: Or you can select the bookmark icon to the right of the bell icon, bookmark the survey to appear on the front page of Practical Guidance, and select Yes for alerts. Either ...
27 Apr 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Suggested Documents in Word Wheel Now on Practical Guidance

In addition to Legal Phrases, the word wheel will also include up to ten suggested documents to help customers more quickly get to core documents and resource kits related to their search terms. This feature is available on Practical Guidance standalone and Lexis+. Any jurisdictions that are used in the query will limit suggested documents to only those jurisdictions. In summary: This feature evaluates a user’s ...
21 Apr 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: How to Filter by Motion Type in Shepard’s®

Motion Type filters have been introduced into Shepard’s ® Citations Services reports on the Lexis+ platform. These can be found under Other Citing Sources and will assist you in evaluating relevance to matters in your case. You can filter to a particular motion type using the filters on the left-hand side of the screen:
6 Apr 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: How to Refine using Smartindexing Negative News Filters

Negative News search results available via the Lexis+® and Lexis® services now have more nuanced filtering options for uncovering Negative Personal News and Negative Business News. Listed below are the expanded pre- and post-search filter types.* Negative miscellaneous ews Negative Business News Negative Personal News Negative Crime & Legal News Negative Economic News Negative Environmental News ...
16 Mar 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Set Your Sort Preferences and Streamline Your Workflow

When reviewing your results on the Lexis® or Lexis+® service, a very useful shortcut can help you streamline your workflow. If you find that you would like to change the default setting for how your results are sorted, you can quickly edit them in your results set using the “Sort by” menu. Expand the menu and select Edit default order at the bottom. This will link you to General Settings, where ...
10 Mar 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Lexis Answers® and Interpretable Queries

Researchers are often looking for a quick answer or starting point for their research, but may not be aware that they can enter a query into the Lexis® or Lexis+® service using an explicit question-like format, such as can a municipality be held liable for the actions of its officers under respondeat superior ? Often, users simply enter a string of terms. Now, the Q&A capability in the Lexis Answers® feature ...
2 Mar 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Filtering in Arbitration Materials

Arbitration materials now have specific filters to make it easier to find distinct information. To explore these new filters, start at the Explore Content pod in the Lexis® or Lexis+® service, and select Arbitration Materials : Next, select a source that includes the designation “ (All awards with filters) ”: I selected the first one, Labor & Employment Arbitration Awards, Combined (All awards ...
24 Feb 2022

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Searching Common Legal Phrases

If you find yourself searching for a common legal phrase, perhaps motion in limine or unlawful detainer action , keep in mind that the Lexis® and Lexis+® services will interpret those as phrases rather than as individual search terms. To ensure that a phrase of interest is being searched as a phrase, it helps to enclose it within quotation marks, for example: “right to refuse unsafe work” ...
17 Feb 2022

Knowledge & Research Consultant Tip: Keeping up with practice area news and trends on Lexis+®

Practice Area content on the Lexis+® service gives you fast access to the most trusted legal authorities, relevant legal news providers and powerful trends analysis in one interface. Key features include editorially curated practice area legal news trends and insights by practice area. From the Lexis+ home page, go to the Practice Area of interest: In the example above, we are looking at the Labor & ...
3 Feb 2022

Knowledge & Research Consultant Tip: Improve Navigational Search for U.S. Statutes

A new rule-based classifier helps Lexis® and Lexis+® tools better understand the components of navigational searches in United States statutes: jurisdiction intent, specific code, rule intent, section/article number recognition, public law name recognition, etc. With the classifier, we are able to better understand the query structure and intent and have a better way to surface the target document at the top. ...
27 Jan 2022

Nexis Newsdesk Enhancements, January 2022

WHAT’S NEW? General Enhancements/Changes Changes to Clippings Shortcut When viewing the Saved Content panel, you can once again create a clippings feed directly from folders. Hide or Show Details of Search Results When viewing search results, you now have the option to toggle between Full View (which includes headlines, extracts, and key metadata) or Title View (which shows only the article headline, which ...
26 Jan 2022

Knowledge & Research Consultant Tip: Sort Results in TOC Order on Lexis+ ®

As a researcher, I often go to a source I am familiar with to view and search the Table of Contents (TOC). Recently, the Lexis+® service added a Sort by TOC option, too. Now when I run a full-text search in a source that has a TOC on Lexis+, I can use the Sort by menu to select TOC order . I find this incredibly helpful because it shows the occurrences of my search terms in the order in which they are found in the ...
20 Jan 2022