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2 Nov 2023 Author : Loyd Auerbach

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Compare Firms and Counsel with Litigation Analytics

Lexis+® Litigation Analytics includes the ability to Compare Counsel and Compare Courts & Judges. The Compare Counsel data covers law firms and attorneys in Federal District Court.

One application relates directly to when your firm is involved in litigation. Use Compare Counsel to see how your firm stacks up against opposing counsel. In the Compare Counsel tool, enter the name of your firm and the lead attorney on the case, as well as the name of the opposing firm and their lead attorney.


One of the key pieces of information one can glean from the analysis is the experience of firms/attorneys in particular practice areas: Does the opposing firm have extensive experience in the practice area of the litigation and how does that compare to your firm’s experience? How much experience does their lead attorney have compared to your lead attorney?

Additionally, the track record of timing for the firms and attorneys at different stages of litigation.

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