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22 Jun 2023 Author : Nikki DiNatale

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Locate Top Competitors for a Company Using Lexis® or Lexis+®

Lexis® and Lexis+® provide detailed company information to help you locate top competitors for a specific company. Select Company & Financial under Explore > Content.

Then, select the Company Profiles category. Here you can search all the available sources providing company profile information. A few popular sources for these details include D&B, GlobalData Company Profiles, Hoover’s, LexisNexis® Corporate Affiliations™, and MarketLine – Company Profile. Users can search all the sources listed on this page, or specific titles. Then, enter your search query. For example: company(peloton) and competitors

In this example, we can find details on Peloton’s competitors from the MarketLine Company Profile:

For more tips on searching for company information, try the LexisNexis® Competitive Intelligence Toolkit.