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5 Oct 2023 Author : Loyd Auerbach

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: News Searching by Date

News searching by date: Article date vs. date the article is added to the LexisNexis® service

Looking for articles published “today”? Wondering why some publications take a day or longer to appear online?

While many of the sources in the News on Lexis+® and LexisNexis® are added the same day as publication or publication date (the date on the article), others may be subject to some embargo period due to agreements with the publishers.

The LOAD-DATE segment can be used in place of the DATE segment to search for articles based on when they were added to Lexis+ and LexisNexis. Use the segment in the same way one would use DATE:


This can be extremely useful in instances when it’s important to know when LexisNexis made the article available, a not uncommon request from attorneys, as well as from the courts.

NOTE: In general, the LOAD-DATE will be on or follow not too long after the DATE on the article. On occasion the LOAD-DATE precedes the article date, with the first/most recent articles in your results from a publication dated to the week, the next month, or farther out. Many publications, especially monthly and weekly magazines publish and start selling an issue with a publication date in advance of when it can be purchased by consumers.