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8 Jun 2022 Author : Loyd Auerbach

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Retrieve all documents from a single source on either Lexis® or Lexis+®

On both the Lexis® and Lexis+ platforms, users can retrieve all documents from a single source without entering search terms. Below are the steps for Lexis followed by the steps for Lexis+. Users have the option to conduct this type of search for a number of content types, though it’s more common in News, Law Reviews, Scientific materials, etc.

On the Lexis platform:
Type the name of the source/publication in the main search box and wait for the drop-down with suggestions for Sources:


Click the name of the source. In this example, we’ve clicked on The Wall Street Journal. The Advanced Search template for that source will open next:

Click on the Actions drop-down menu and select Get all documents for this source

All documents for The Wall Street Journal will show up in your Results List. From there, set an alert, use the filters and/or use Search Within to narrow the results.

The process is similar on Lexis+ with one exception. Instead of getting documents from the Actions drop-down menu, ] click on the vertical ellipsis (three dots):

Then click Get all documents for this source.