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7 Jul 2022 Author : Bridget MacMillan

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Securities Law Practice Center on Lexis® and Lexis+® –curated sources make it easier to find what you need!

The Securities Law Practice Center pages make it easy to find the most relevant sources in a specific area of law. Let’s look at the Securities Law page as an example:

By expanding categories on the left, I see a more detailed list of the sources. For example, in the Administrative Materials and Self-Regulatory Organization Materials sections, you’ll notice SEC materials as one source, All SEC Materials, and specific individual sources such as SEC No-Action and Exemptive & Interpretive Letters. Also notice Combined Sources, like All FINRA Materials, and a link to the individual sources via Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA):



This practice center is also helpful when refining your search to a specific SEC filing based on type of filing, before running a search. This will ensure more precise search results.

Explore the Securities Law Practice Center for helpful curated source lists. Explore more practice center pages by area of law for similar curated groupings that help with search strategy, insights into a topic and efficiency.