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21 Apr 2022 Author : Gayle Lynn-Nelson

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Suggested Documents in Word Wheel Now on Practical Guidance

In addition to Legal Phrases, the word wheel will also include up to ten suggested documents to help customers more quickly get to core documents and resource kits related to their search terms. This feature is available on Practical Guidance standalone and Lexis+. Any jurisdictions that are used in the query will limit suggested documents to only those jurisdictions. 

In summary:

  • This feature evaluates a user’s query and suggests up to 10 Practical Guidance documents in the word wheel.
  • Suggestions are based on a title match between the user’s query and the available Practical Guidance documents.
  • Jurisdictional queries are accounted for (e.g., adding “New York” or “NY” to the query) and will limit the suggestions to only documents from that jurisdiction.
  • Users who click on a suggested document in the word wheel are taken directly to the full text of the document.

For now, we are suggesting core documents and resource kits, though we may supplement that shortly once we collect more data.