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18 Aug 2021 Author : Joyce Kirkpatrick Magruder

Knowledge & Research Consultant Research Tip: Accessing all documents from a single source on the Lexis® & Lexis+™ services

Do you ever need to find the most recent headlines from a specific publication or search for coverage of a topic in one publication? You can easily access all of the documents from a publication directly from the search screen on Lexis or Lexis+:

  • From the search screen, start typing the name of the publication and once the title appears, select the publication by clicking the hyperlink for the source:

  • On the next screen expand on Actions and select Get all documents for this source:

  • The results will be all of the articles from that publication; from here you can sort by date to organize in chronological order or use any of the post-search filters to target certain content, for example:
    • Search Within Results to target in on a topic:

This is a quick and easy way to access all documents or articles from a single source and also narrow down to a specific topic, date range or keyword within that publication.