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12 May 2021 Author : Bridget MacMillan

Knowledge & Research Consultant Research Tip: Best Way to Deliver Scanned Documents in Full

Recently, a librarian asked me if there is a more efficient way to retrieve documents from the results of content like Briefs, Pleadings and Motions, or the U.S. Serial Set, where the original document has been scanned. Now you can deliver the full text of scanned documents from the results list without having to open each one separately.

Select the items you want in full using the check boxes, and then select your delivery method. A dialog box will open where you can select Include document attachments, where available under Full documents. Doing this will deliver the scanned documents in one step.

With this selection, I get the full-text PDF scanned documents and the Microsoft® Word documents showing me where my search terms occurred.

If you only want the original full-text scanned documents, select Full document attachments only (where available).

And this is what you will get:

With either choice, you can deliver the items in one step, saving yourself time and effort!