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9 Jul 2020 Author : Nikki DiNatale

Knowledge & Research Consultant Research Tip: Finding a news article with limited information

Have you ever been asked to locate a news article for a user who can only recall a few details? For example, a user has asked for a recent article about Airbnb® and believes it may be from The Wall Street Journal®. On the Lexis Advance® home page, you can start by typing in the source name, Wall Street Journal:

You can select the source from the word wheel that shows Sources to take you to the Advanced Search form for that source.

From this page, you can select the Actions drop-down menu at the top and choose Get all documents for this source.

Making that selection will pull in all the articles in reverse chronological order for The Wall Street Journal that you searched. Then you can quickly scan the results for the article that matches your criteria or use the post-search filters along the left-hand side.