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14 Jul 2021 Author : Joyce Kirkpatrick Magruder

Knowledge & Research Consultant Research Tip: How to Check Source Listing on Lexis® or Lexis +™

Accessing the current listing of all resources and publications on the Lexis or Lexis+ service is easy through Explore Content > Sources > View All Sources. Here you will find an alphabetical listing which can be narrowed down by many features including Category, Search Within, Jurisdiction, Practice Area, Publisher or Subscription

  • Use Explore Content > Sources > View All Sources to search for a specific title, home in on content types or curate a group of sources for a search.
    • To search for a specific source, start entering the source name and then select the title.

      • From here you can select the title you want to search, add all the titles as a filter or get more information about the publication (i).

    • To see a list of secondary sources, select Explore Content > Sources > View All Sources > Secondary Content. Then filter by Practice Area or Publisher.

    • From Explore Content > Sources > View All Sources you can also curate a group of sources to search within a specific category and practice area. For example, below Legal News and Banking Law then Add All These as Search Filters search for:


The Lexis and Lexis+ source directory is a great resource for exploring the high-value content and resources available from LexisNexis.