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20 May 2021 Author : Gayle Lynn-Nelson

Knowledge & Research Consultant Research Tip: How to Size up Opposing Counsel With Context Attorney Analytics

Context Attorney Analytics is one of the newest tools in our Context suite of products. It provides unique insights into the record and experience of attorneys and uncovers the precise arguments they made in prior motions and briefs.

As part of a successful litigation strategy, attorneys need to size up opposing counsel by knowing their record, skills and experience and how they have argued similar cases. Context Attorney Analytics can help with:

  • Researching opposing counsel’s experience in specific jurisdictions and practice areas over time
  • Discovering if the attorney has handled similar lawsuits in the past and how their litigation strategy played out
  • Writing a more persuasive argument that is tailored to neutralize your opponent’s usual arguments
  • Learning how opposing counsel may respond to your motion

You can find Attorney Analytics under the drop-down menu in Context.