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25 Aug 2021 Author : Gayle Lynn-Nelson

Knowledge & Research Consultant Research Tip: Know How Current a Document is with Practical Guidance Date Stamp

Practical Guidance documents will display an updated currency format.

  1. New Date/Currentness Format: The Practical Guidance team will now classify documents with one of three Date/Currentness stamp options below:   
    • Maintained—when any changes have been made to the document; this one will be used most frequently
    • Archived—where the law has been “retired” and no updates will be made
    • Update Pending—where the law is changing and the editors are working on an update

  2. Date Stamp Moved: The “current as of [date]” stamp on all Practice Notes will now appear at the bottom of the document (below all other text).

  3. Exceptions: This change applies to all content types, except State Q+A or Articles content, where the date stamp format will still appear at the top.

  4. Delivery: Both the new format at the top and the date stamp that’s now at the bottom of the document will be included when a user downloads or prints a document.

  5. About this Document (coming soon):For all other content where the date is listed in the About this Document pane (this includes Templates/Form Annotations, Clauses and Checklists), the same “Maintained/Archived/Update Pending” label will display with a hover experience that reveals “current as of [date].”