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4 Aug 2021 Author : Bridget MacMillan

Knowledge & Research Consultant Research Tip: Lexis® for Microsoft® Office—the PDF Converter

My favorite feature of Lexis for Microsoft Office is the PDF converter. It comes in handy in many ways; earlier today I converted the PDF copy of a document to a Word document because I needed to update the text in just a few parts of it. The PDF converter also saves me time when I need a lot of text from a website, but the text is not formatted in a way I can easily copy. I simply screen capture the page I need, paste that image into a PDF, then convert that PDF to a Word document where I can copy and edit.

For example, I downloaded the PDF copy of a restaurant menu, converted it to Word, and then edited the text to just the items that would be offered during a group meeting. Here’s the image of the menu after I’d run it through the PDF converter, and before I edited it:

The PDF converter helps me to be more efficient. If you’re interested, learn more about Lexis for Microsoft Office.