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3 Mar 2021 Author : Bridget MacMillan

Knowledge & Research Consultant Research Tip: Refine Your Shepard’s® Report With the Discussion Analysis Feature

Shepard’s® Citations Service offers an amazing array of features and functions to help you glean the most relevant citations from your Shepard’s reports. When viewing results in the Citing Decisions tab of a Shepard’s report, you will see an indicator to the right of each case titled Discussion. Also note Discussion as a filter in the left-hand panel. The Discussion calculation is based on two factors: the number of times the citing case mentions your case, and whether or not/the extent to which the citing document quotes your case, resulting in a Discussion score. The more bars that appear, the deeper the discussion.

Sorting by Discussion can help you decide which cases to look at next to better understand your case and how it is being interpreted by other courts. Take advantage of this feature the next time you work with a Shepard’s report.