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9 Aug 2021 Author : Loyd Auerbach

Knowledge & Research Consultant Research Tip: Save Time Using “Favorites” on the Lexis® or Lexis +™ Service

In the course of doing research, there may be times when you want to search specific sources within one or more content types. Spending a few minutes to create your own favorite source sets will save you time later. Think of this like creating a “best sources for a particular request” playlist.

First, be sure you know the specific source names or name of the source groupings (such as Major World Publications in News). If you’re not sure of the name of a single source, use the Sources tab in Explore Content and search for the name. If you need to find a combined sources name, drill into the main content types.

The best practice is to have some idea of all the sources you want to group together before starting the process.

In the main search bar on the landing page for either the Lexis or Lexis+ service, enter the first source name and select the source from the word wheel suggestions.

To the right of the source name, you’ll see the “i” (for information about the source) and a magnifying glass.


Click the magnifying glass, and that source will appear below the search bar to the right of the phrase Narrow by:

Add another Source into the search bar, then click the magnifying glass to add it to Narrow by:

Repeat until all your sources are selected, then click the star to the right of the sources you’ve added:

You have now made a customized source list a favorite.


To view favorites:

On Lexis, click the View Favorites drop-down menu under the search bar:

On Lexis+, click the star between All Jurisdictions and the magnifying glass to run your search:

Your favorites will appear, providing easy access for future research.