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29 Jul 2020 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Knowledge & Research Consultant Research Tip: Use the ATLEAST(ATL) command to find documents that more deeply discuss your topic

Use atleast as part of your Boolean search when you only want documents that contain an in-depth discussion on a topic, rather than just a mention. The more times a source mentions a specific topic, the more likely it will focus on that topic.

  • The ATLEAST command requires that a term or terms appear “at least” a specified number of times in a document. You can use any number with the atleast command.
  • For example, searching ATLEAST10(CERCLA) requires references to CERCLA to appear in every document at least 10 times.
  • Note that you can use ATL as a shortcut instead of writing out ATLEAST. For example, ATL10(CERCLA) instead of atleast10(CERCLA).


  • Use ATL to refine large results in Search Within Results.


 The atleast command is an effective way to focus on the most important or in-depth documents.