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24 Jun 2020 Author : Bridget MacMillan

Knowledge & Research Consultant Tip: Create a Custom Page of Your Favorite Combined News Sources

When you use the Explore Content pod and follow the News path to Combined Sources, you find a page with powerful source combinations:

However, if you want to select more than one of these groupings, a Custom Page is where you can store the Combined Publications you use the most, and you can select multiple groupings to search:

Next, click on the Create a Custom Page blue link, and give the page a name:

Create a title for your Custom Page, i.e., Combined News Favorites, then click Create Page.
Populate the page by clicking on + Add New Content Group:

Next, follow the Explore Content path to the Combined Publications in News: 

Select the sources you use the most that you wish to combine for future searches. They’ll appear to the right, and you can reorder them as you like. Give this cluster of sources a name, i.e., News:

And voila! You’ve created a custom page that shows your favorite combined publications and allows you to combine more than one group:

It takes a few minutes to set up, but it’s time well spent if you want to be able to search more than one of these combined groups at once.