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17 Jun 2020 Author : Gayle Lynn-Nelson

Knowledge & Research Consultant Tip: Key sources and information in Lexis Advance Tax

Did you know? 
Lexis Advance® Tax features the exclusive secondary reference source Lexis® Tax Advisor – Federal Code Reporter for quick reference to selected key materials related to an Internal Revenue Code section. Just click here, enter a Code section number and Get Document. Your screen will display related regulations, legislative history, explanations, annotations and other content to the left of the Code section. You’ll also see further links to Shepard’s® Citations Service and other information on the right.

Did you know? 
On Lexis Advance Tax, you can access conference papers from the NYU and USC Annual Institutes on Federal Taxation, with archives back to 1991, as well as the NYU Conference on State and Local Taxation, archived to 1999. These exclusive materials, authored by prominent tax practitioners and experts following their presentations at each conference, provide sophisticated analyses of a wide range of topics and developments.

Did you know? 
Law360® Tax Authority includes many important source materials related to breaking developments, where applicable—such as public comment letters, “just released” regulations and agency materials, tax court petitions, briefs and much more. The publication provides extensive daily coverage, commentary and expert analysis of Federal, State and Local and International tax developments, including legislation, regulation and enforcement, executive actions and litigation.

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