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7 Oct 2020 Author : Bridget MacMillan

Knowledge & Research Consultant Tip: Linking to a specific part of the Table of Contents (TOC) for a source is easy!

When you access a source with a TOC in the Lexis service, you can drill down into the TOC and find the topic or entry you need quickly by expanding the plus signs next to chapter and section headings. The vertical lines on the left help you maintain awareness of the levels you have accessed. In the example below, I am drilling down in Chisum on Patents, to Chapter 3, Novelty, Section 3.05 Knowledge, Use or Invention:

And if you want to share this view of the TOC opened to this level, use the Actions drop-down menu, select Link to this page and copy and share the link:

The recipient of the link will be taken to this specific view, with the TOC opened to this specific level. This is an effective way to guide a person to a point in a treatise via the TOC without having to copy and paste screenshots. It helps you and the recipient save time and work more efficiently.