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13 Jan 2021 Author : Joyce Kirkpatrick Magruder

Knowledge & Research Consultant Tip: Quick Links to Legislative History on Lexis® and Lexis+™

Both the Lexis and Lexis+ services provide hyperlinks to quickly access legislative history information of interest. Once you enter the citation, you have direct access to historical data related to the code you are researching.

  • To access Legislative History links on the Lexis service:        
    • Type in the full citation in the search box (e.g., PL 113-5)and select USCS-Public Laws from the results:

    • See About This Document > Related Legislative Materials for direct links to Bill Tracking, Bill Text and CIS Legislative History, and Topic Summaries for links to bill text, summary information, various actions on the bill, legislative actions and committee reports:


    • From the results screen you can also select View All References to see all content related to the legislation:


 These timesaving links provide researchers with seamless access to legislative history information.