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4 Jan 2022 Author : Loyd Auerbach

Knowledge & Research Consultant Tip: Use Brief Analysis with a case opinion to get case, treatise and Practical Guidance recommendations

Did you know you can use Lexis+® Brief Analysis tools to analyze documents other than briefs? Brief Analysis can be a research tool for cases as well.

For example, here is the Brief Analysis dashboard showing resulting analysis of the case Griggs v. Duke Power Co., 401 US 424:

Note that there are 20 identified passages in the case, resulting in 125 case recommendations, 12 recommendations for Practical Guidance and 64 recommendations for treatises, as well as recommendations for 30 related briefs.

By reviewing the recommendations, users can move from one key passage to another, focusing on the relevant passages where recommendations to other cases, treatises and Practical Guidance materials will be helpful.

As with analyses of briefs, adjusting the concepts and jurisdiction to reflect other or more specific recommendations is easy. Users can even use Brief Analysis with a robust legal news article dealing with issues relevant to their research.