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21 Mar 2018 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Librarian Relations Consultant Research Tip: An easy way to create Favorites

The Lexis Advance service keeps track of the recent sources and source combinations you’ve used, and allows you to designate them as Favorites (to appear in the Favorites pod on your landing page).

Once you’ve run a search in a source or a special group of sources you’ve combined, click the arrow next to “Search: Everything” in the Red Search Box.

This brings up the page that allows you to select multiple sources by Jurisdiction, Category or Practice Areas & Topics. You can also see your Recent & Favorites sources.

Click Recent & Favorites to get a list of the sources searched. Note the clear stars and the gold stars on the right. Click the clear star to turn it into a Favorite source (it turns gold).

That’s it! The gold-starred sources and source combinations will appear in the Favorites pod on your Lexis Advance home page.