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4 Mar 2020 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Librarian Relations Consultant Research Tip: Combining segments and special commands for targeted news results

While many information professionals are familiar with using segments such as HLEAD (headline and lead) in searching News content on Lexis Advance, and many may be familiar with special commands such as Atleast and Caps, did you know you can combine them?

For example, I want to find articles with Apple Computer (referred to as Apple once the full company name has been mentioned) as the focus of the articles. Apple will be mentioned more than once even in the headlines and leads of the articles, and I want to avoid any articles that discuss the fruit, so I specify that the word has to be capitalized. I also want Apple mentioned throughout the article.

HLEAD(apple computer and Atleast5(caps(apple)) AND Atleast10(caps(apple)

Here I’ve asked that “Apple Computer” be mentioned as a phrase in the headline and/or lead, that apple is capitalized and appears at least five times in the combined segments, and that the capitalized word must appear at least 10 times in the article overall.

One can combine the special commands, including Allcaps and Nocaps, with the Atleast command in or out of the segments in News as well.